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Are you planning on visiting Cayman Islands and are looking for a car rental in Grand Cayman? Let us help you find the perfect car to rent. With access to over 200 cars, we are positive that we will have exactly what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a luxury car, sedan or even a Jeep, we have you covered!

We know that you have many options when it comes to car rentals in Grand Cayman. We encourage you to not only compare costs but the quality of service as well. We will meet you right at arrivals and show you your car rental right there and then.

Please give us a call or send us a message here to reserve your car rental in Grand Cayman today!


Economy Car Rental Grand Cayman

Economy Automatic

Rent Economy Cars in Grand Cayman.

Starting at $15.00 USD / Day

Midsize Car Rental Grand Cayman

Midsize Automatic

Rent Midsize Cars in Grand Cayman.

Starting at $20.79 USD / Day

Standard SUV Car Rental Grand Cayman

Standard SUV Automatic

Rent SUVs in Grand Cayman.

Starting at $42.57 USD / Day

Standard Car Rental Grand Cayman

Standard Automatic

Rent Standard Cars in Grand Cayman.

Starting at $22.04 USD / Day



Arranging a rental car for your time in Grand Cayman can be complicated, so we’ve done the hard work for you. Save time and avoid long lineups and exorbitant fees by booking your car rental ahead of time. Cayman Top 1000 only lists the most trusted car rental companies on Grand Cayman. Most of the car rental companies on the island are located at Owen Roberts International Airport (Airport Code: GCM). When renting a car in Grand Cayman, you can choose from well-known worldwide brands including: Hertz, Budget, Alamo, Enterprise, Avis, Thrifty, Sixt. You can view what car rentals are available through these companies using the links found on our website.


Types of vehicles available for rental in Grand Cayman include:

  • Economy Car (4 passengers, 1 suitcase)
  • Compact Car (4 passengers, 1-2 suitcases)
  • Standard Car (5 passengers, 1-2 suitcases)
  • Mid-size Car (5 passengers, 4 suitcases)
  • Standard SUV (5 passengers, 4 suitcases)
  • Full-size SUV (7 passengers, 3 suitcases)
  • Premium SUV (8 passengers, 2 suitcases)
  • Minivan (7 passengers, 2 suitcases)
  • Full-size van (9 passengers, 6 suitcases)


Use Cayman Top 1000 to compare different car rental companies on Grand Cayman, but make sure to book your vehicle rental on the website of the car rental company you’ve selected. Call the car rental company ahead of time to notify them of any changes you may need to make to your reservation or if your flight into Grand Cayman is delayed.


Alamo Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Alamo Rent a Car

Rent 12 Airport Plaza, Robers Dr

Georg Town, KY1-1001, Cayman Islands


Alamo Rent a Car Grand Cayman Website

Hertz Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Hertz Rent a Car

250 Owen Roberts Dr, Suite 10

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Hertz Rent a Car Grand Cayman Website

Avis Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Avis Rent a Car

Grand Cayman Airport

Owen Robers Drive, George Town, Cayman Islands


Avis Rent a Car Grand Cayman Website

National Car Rental Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

National Car Rental

George Town Owen Roberts Int’l Airport

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


National Car Rental Grand Cayman Website

Budget Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Budget Rent a Car

210 Robers Drive, George Town

Cayman Islands Grand Cayman KY1-1006


Budget Rent a Car Grand Cayman Website

Thrifty Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Thrifty Rent-A-Car

George Town Owen Roberts Int’l Airport

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands


Thrifty Rent a Car Grand Cayman Website

Economy Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Economy Rent a Car

Robers Drive, George Town

Cayman Islands Grand Cayman


Economy Car Rental Grand Cayman Website

Payless Rent a Car Logo - Car Rentals Grand Cayman

Payless Rent-A-Car

257 Owen Robers Dr, Grand Cayman

KY1-1004 George Town, Cayman Islands


Payless Rent a Car Grand Cayman Website


Q: Should I rent a car in Cayman Islands?
A: Should We highly recommend renting a car while visiting our beautiful island. Most car rental companies are located at Owen Roberts International Airport in Grand Cayman.


Q: Where can I rent a car while visiting Grand Cayman?
A: There is a large number of car rental companies in Grand Cayman. Most car rentals are located at the airport. You may find some around your hotels as well. 


Q: How much is it to rent a car in Grand Cayman?
A: As with most car rental places, prices vary depending on your needs. Small car rentals in Grand Cayman start at approximately $30 USD per day, with unlimited mileage. 


Q: Can I rent a Jeep or a large SUV while in Grand Cayman?
A: As Absolutely! Many car rental agencies in Grand Cayman offer Jeep, mid-size and full-size SUVs, and luxury vehicle rentals. Please contact us to get more information

You Rented a Car in Grand Cayman…What’s Next?


So you have finally arrived in Grand Cayman, picked up your new car rental and now wondering what’s there to explore on our beautiful island? We have compiled a list of interesting places that you can get to with your new car rental. Please remember: cars drive on the left side of the road (similar to the UK).


4 places to visit in Grand Cayman with your car rental:


  1. Stingray CityLocated in the North Sound area of Grand Cayman, Stingray City is the most popular attraction on any of the three Cayman Islands. Travelers insist it’s a tourist trap – but perhaps a tourist trap that’s worth it. 
  2. Seven Mile Beach For several years now, Seven Mile Beach has been lauded as one of the Caribbean’s best beaches. Take one glance at this crescent-shaped shore and one sniff of the soft, coral sand and you’ll easily understand why. Many of Grand Cayman’s best resorts are situated on Seven Mile, and there are a number of casual beach bars and restaurants, a playground, restrooms and showers to boot. What’s more, it’s also a great spot to try snorkeling for the first time – the clear water allows snorkelers to see the vibrant fish and beautiful coral.
  3. Kittiwake Shipwreck & Artificial ReefThe USS Kittiwake was an ex-U.S. Navy submarine that served for more than 50 years before it was sunk off the coast of popular Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman in 2011. The submerged submarine and artificial reef now delights scuba divers with its swim throughs and sea life, including shrimp, eels, barracuda, turtles and grouper.
  4. Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery What started in 2008 as a small distillery producing ocean-aged rum has become the 5,000-square-foot Cayman Spirits Co. Distillery. What’s unique about this distillery is the way they age their rum: on the ocean floor. In fact, it was the first distillery to do so. These days, in addition to producing rum, the distillery also produces flavored rums, vodka, and liqueurs. 

You Should Rent a Car When Visiting Grand Cayman!


When visiting Grand Cayman, having a car rental will allow you to explore the island from end-to-end! The island has a total area of just over 100 square miles, but the island is only 22 miles long, so make sure you see all of it!


Consider using your car rental in Grand Cayman to drive to some of the following attractions:

  • Pedro St. James, the island’s oldest historic building dating back to the early 18th century
  • Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, where you can find a breathtaking floral garden, a historic house, birds, iguanas and rare species of wildlife found in the Caribbean
  • Georgetown, Grand Cayman’s capital, where you can find a farmers’ market, art galleries, tours, duty-free shopping and much more!
  • The Crystal Caves, where you can see incredible stalactite and stalagmite crystal formations, along with bats, parrots and a wide variety of plants

Some Facts About Cayman Islands


1) The Cayman Islands Aren’t Islands…

The Cayman Islands aren’t islands at all, they’re actually part of a mountain called the Cayman Ridge, which rises more than 7,500m – or the size of a very large mountain in the Himalayas – from the ocean floor. But all 3 islands are extremely flat. The highest point above sea level is actually the east end of Cayman Brac – and that’s just 46.6 meters. (Source)


2) Driving is on the Left!

As the Cayman Islands is a British Overseas Territory, driving is on the left-hand side of the road. Hiring a car is the best way to see the islands as it allows total flexibility and the option to stop off at one of the many secluded beaches. Grand Cayman has one main road looping around the entire island and sign posts are clear and frequent. (Source)


3) Our Nearest Neighbour Is…

Cuba! Our nearest neighbour is Cuba, which is situated approximately 227 miles north of Grand Cayman. (Source)


4) History

The first recorded permanent inhabitant of the Cayman Islands, Isaac Bodden, was born on Grand Cayman around 1661. He was the grandson of the original settler named Bodden who was probably one of Oliver Cromwell’s soldiers at the taking of Jamaica in 1655. (Source)

What Are Car Rentals? (Wiki)


car rentalhire car, or car hire agency is a company that rents automobiles for short periods of time, generally ranging from a few hours to a few weeks. It is often organised with numerous local branches (which allow a user to return a vehicle to a different location), and primarily located near airports or busy city areas and often complemented by a website allowing online reservations.

Car rental agencies primarily serve people who require a temporary vehicle, for example, those who do not own their own car, travelers who are out of town, or owners of damaged or destroyed vehicles who are awaiting repair or insurance compensation. Car rental agencies may also serve the self-moving industry needs, by renting vans or trucks, and in certain markets, other types of vehicles such as motorcycles or scooters may also be offered.

Alongside the basic rental of a vehicle, car rental agencies typically also offer extra products such as insurance, global positioning system (GPS) navigation systems, entertainment systems, mobile phones, portable WiFi and child safety seats.

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